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About us

Our Mission: To make you successful!

GROUP SIX is a global supplier and trader of High-performance motion control devices and systems. Our products are installed in thousands of machines and systems across various industries. We are highly focused on providing expertise towards industries such as Medical, Aerospace & Defense, Vehicle, Electronics, Industrial markets, etc. In Mechanical industry, our product has an even broader application as compare to other industries. Our Product range includes brush and brushless DC motors, integrated brushless motor-drives, coreless DC motors, brushless servo and torque motors,

We have product from the top brands like Ingenia motion control , Allied motion technologies, Tecnotion, H2W technologies, Tamagawa, and many more which are the world's leading motion controller and motor "BEST IN CLASS" manufacturing companies known for providing world class product quality. We are well known globally for our products like Voice coil motor and actuators, gear-motors, gearing, modular digital servo drives, incremental and absolute optical encoders, motion controllers, and various other motion control-related products

We infuse your innovation with the knowledge of developments inside these companies that could relate to your project. We add our years of experience in developing and providing high tech solutions to the efforts of companies living on the leading edge of their industry.

The most productive results begin with a discussion of your goals, timetable and planning. We bring the resources of these companies to the table to help you beat expectations.

Our growth strategy is focused on developing technical excellence through providing quality product and service to fulfill their need. Our goal is to satisfy all the need of our customers through delivering high quality products and services. We always strive to be a leader in providing new application and technologies based products in the segment.

GROUP SIX is a worldwide leading authorized distributor and representative of motion control and electromechanical components for industry leading manufacturers. We specialize in the rapid introduction of new products and technologies for design engineers and buyers. Our extensive product offering includes motion control semiconductors,custom drives developmenyt, standalone or embeded and networked drives and controls, and electro-mechanical components.

We work in a productive and timely manner and blend direct access to these "BEST IN CLASS" companies to help you quickly assemble the right Team, find the right products and develop the best solutions.

GROUP SIX has a strong commitment to customer service. We’ve won awards for our worldwide support for global Customer locations.