TITAN-GO with User interface board

TTN-100/200-C-C, TITAN-GO CANopen, USB, 100 Amps Continuous, 200 A Peak RMS, 12-200 VDC

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6.50 LBS
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1 unit

The Titan Go Servo Drive is an high power density solution providing top performance, advanced networking and built-in safety, as well as a fully featured motion controller. It can control multiple motor types and supports almost any feedback sensor including absolute serial encoders. Its design includes multiple communication ports as USB and then CANOpen, isolated.
The Titan Go Servo Drive has been designed with efficiency in mind. It incorporates cutting-edge MOSFET  technology as well as optimized control algorithms to provide the perfect trade-off between EMI and performance.
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Continuous Current, BLDC Mode 100 A RMS
Peak Current 200 ARMS
Supply Voltage 12-200 VDC
Dimensions 172 x 206 x 30 mm
Communications USB, CANopen  (Other upon request)
Feedback Digital Encoder, SinCos Encoder, Digital Hall, Analog Hall, Resolver, SSI, Sensorless, DC Tachometer, Analog Input, PWM Encoder
Motor Type DC Brushed, Rotary Brushless, Linear Brushless, Voice Coil
Command Source Network Interface, Standalone, Analog Input, Step and Direction, Encoder Following, Electronic Gearing, PWM
Motion Mode Profile Position, Profile Speed, Profile Torque, Cyclic Sync Position, Cyclic Sync Velocity, Cyclic Sync Torque, Homing, Open Loop Vector, Open Loop Scalar
Enviroment Industrial, (Optional Pressure Tolerant, HIgh Temperature, low temperature)
Digital Inputs 4 PLC & TTL
Digital Outputs 2 PLC & TTL
Size (W x L) 172 x 206 mm

Inrush current< 10 A at connection. Titan includes a 2 kΩ DC bus capacitor precharge resistor that limits the inrush. No need for external capacitor precharge circuits or relays.