Subsea Propulsion - i127-PT Servo Drive for thruster brushless motor control delivered

Ingenia, a motion control technology company specialized in the design, development and manufacture of motion control products and custom motion systems, has presented its i127-PT Servo Drive for thruster control.

i127 is a brushless AC motor servo drive ready for operation at 1600 m deep (>5200 feet), developed for control propulsion system on manned submersibles, AUVs, ROVs or any other underwater vehicle.

It uses advanced sensorless flux-vector control algorithms that allow a safe and efficient motor control without any external feedback device.

This custom servo drive has been specially designed for AC brushless motor thrusters and can operate at high hydrostatic pressures without the need of expensive pressure relief vessels.

Maximum storage pressure is 250 bar while operation has been tested up to 160 bar, equivalent to 1600 meters deep immersion.  i127 uses cutting edge power MOSFET semiconductors to drive the 2.5 kW propellers from the 170 V battery bus with maximum efficiency.

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