Servomotor or VCA Starter & Developer's Kits

Time and project pressure are the toughest of masters. Getting your voice coil actuator or servo motor project going is critical. Using our Ingenia Starter Kits, you can get a single or multi-axis project connected, powered and tuned with the MOTIONLAB software in the quickest possible time.

Doing SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT? These make great bench top simulation tools to develop your controls and code.

These Voice Coils and Servo Starter Kits include these components:starter-kit1.png

-        The PLUTO Series Drive, either 5 or 8 amp continuous current

-        I/O Starter Interface board with potentiometers to simulate Analog inputs,

-     Push buttons and DIP switches to simulate digital Inputs

-     LED's for Outputs

-        Screw terminals for easy bench top assembly

-        I/O ribbon cable

-        Feedback ribbon cable


PLUTO 5/48-S_KIT Starter Kit (USB)

PLUTO 8/48-S_KIT Starter Kit (USB)

Additional configurations are available for NEPTUNE Series and JUPITER Series Drives. Contact Us!









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