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PLU-8/48-E  (EtherCAT interface)  Pluto Servo Drive - 5A Cont/10A Peak, EtherCAT

PLU-8/48-E (EtherCAT interface) Pluto Servo Drive - 5A Cont/10A Peak, EtherCAT

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PLU-8/48-E (EtherCAT interface)
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The Pluto Servo Drive is an ultra-compact, modular solution for control of rotary or linear brushless, DC brush, voice coil or stepper motors up to 800 W peak, with 8 A continuous output current and no heat sink needed.

Documentation & Software

It integrates all the basic motor control functions and motion control features on a single module. A series of I/O signals, both digital and analog, are available for easy interfacing with the application. Communication with the device is done through an USB 2.0 port and CANopen protocol

It accepts Analog input, PWM, Step&Direction or e-gearing control as command sources.

This new DC Servo Drive is also configurable and programmable with the high-level Ingenia software tools, Motion Lab and Composer software.

Typical applications include single axis or multi-axis distributed motor control with coordinated motion profiles in a CANopen network where space is critical.

Pluto Servo Drive can be customized under demand for special OEM applications.

An Expansion I/O board is available for rapid set up and  easy and direct access to the I/O signals available on the servo drive.

Technical Data
Motors Rotary or linear brushless (trapezoidal and sinusoidal), DC brush, voice coil, 2 phases bipolar stepper, 3 phases stepper
Power supply 12-48 VDC
5 A continuous / 10 A peak (-STD version)
Output power 50 W continuous - 100 W peak (-HS version)
250 W continuous - 500 W peak (-STD version)
400 W continuous - 800 W peak (-EXT version)
Communication USB 2.0, CANopen (DS-301, DS-303, DS-305, DS-306 and DS-402), EtherCAT (CoE)
Feedback Incremental Encoder, Digital &  Analog Halls, Sin/Cos encoder 1Vpp,  Analog Input (Potentiometer), PWM sensor, DC-Tachometer
Command source Network, Analog, PWM, Step and Direction, Electronic Gearing
Operating Modes Open Loop, V/F, Profiled Torque, Profiled Velocity, Profiled Position, Interpolated Position, Cyclic Sync Position and Homing
I/O 4 x Digital inputs TTL or PLC levels
1 x Analog +/-10 VDC differential input (12 bits)
1 x Analog 0..5 VDC input (12 bits)
2 x Digital outputs open drain with weak pullup at 5 VDC
Dimensions 60 mm x 60 mm x 15 mm