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NEPTUNE CANOpen or Ethernet/USB

Netune NEP 2/48-C-S (CANOpen)

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Netune NEP 2/48-C-S
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Link: Neptune Documentation

 NEPTUNE is a high performance closed loop servo drive controller suitable for DC brushed, voice coils, brushless and stepper motors.


Neptune with voice coil video


Introducing the Neptune video



Design for Manufacturing, your design:


Its incredibly compact design includes multiple communication ports, enabling thus a wide choice of interfacing methods. Its extended voltage operating range allows its use in several applications, and the small footprint and the needless of an external heatsink allow the controller to be a valid OEM for critical-size applications.

The Neptune Digital Servo Drive has been designed with efficiency in mind. It incorporates cutting-edge MOSFET technology as well as optimized control algorithms to provide the perfect trade-off between EMIs and efficiency. 

Neptune Servo Drive is provided with several general purpose inputs and outputs designed for 5V logic but tolerant up to 24V and fully rugged. By using these inputs and outputs it is possible to implement alarm signals, connect digital sensors, activate external devices (LEDs, actuators, solenoids, etc.). Some of the digital and analog inputs can also be used as command / target sources.


Each Ingenia Digital Servo Drive has a separate datasheet that contains important information on the options and product‐specific features available with that particular drive. The datasheet is to be used in conjunction with this manual for system design and installation.

Supply voltage

9 VDC to 48 VDC

Maximum phase peak current

5 ARMS (2 s)

Maximum phase continuous current

2.5 ARMS

Standby power consumption

1.5 W (max)

1 W (typ)


> 95% at the rated power and current. 

Supported motor types

  • Rotary or linear brushless (trapezoidal and sinusoidal)
  • DC brush
  • Voice coil
  • 2 phases bipolar stepper
  • 3 phases stepper

Minimum motor inductance

100 µH (without external inductors)

Power stage PWM frequency

80 kHz

Current sensing

On phases A and B (phase C generated internally).

Accuracy is ± 1% full scale.

10 bit resolution.

Sensors for commutation (brushless motors)

Sensors supported for servo loops

Supported Command Sources

Inputs and Outputs
  • 2 x non isolated single ended digital inputs. GDI1, GDI2 (5V logic, 24V tolerant)
  • 2 x non isolated high speed differential digital inputs. HS_GPI1 Pulse, HS_GPI2 Direction (5V logic, 24V tolerant)
  • 1 x (±10 V) differential analog input (12 bits). AN_IN2.
  • 1 x 0 V... 5 V single ended analog input (12 bits). AN_IN1.
  • 2 x Open open drain digital outputs with a weak pull-up to 5 V. (1 A short-circuit and overcurrent rugged)


  • User configurable:
    • Bus overvoltage
    • Bus undervoltage
    • Over temperature
    • Under temperature
    • Over current
    • Overload (I2t)
  • Short-circuit protections: Mechanical limits for homing functions
    • Phase-GND
    • Phase-DC bus
    • Phase-phase
  • Hall sequence/combination error
  • ESD & EMI protections: ESD protections are available in all inputs, outputs and USB. All inputs, outputs, feedbacks and motor connections have a ferrite bead to reduce EMI
  • Inverse polarity supply protection: A P-Channel MOSFET provides protection against polarity inversion
  • High power transient voltage suppressor for short braking: A TVS diode (600 W peak) protects the circuitry from the voltage transients events

Ambient air temperature

  • -25 ºC to +50 ºC full current (operating)
  • +50 ºC to +100 ºC current derating (operating)
  • -50 ºC to +125 ºC (non-operating)

Maximum humidity

5% - 85% (non-condensing)


40 mm x 40 mm x 15 mm


20 g