Molded Coils - Custom Wound Coils, chokes, more

Molded Coil Assembly for Solenoid Actuator
    Heat Resistant & Water Proof

A Turn Key of Molded Coils
    Coil Winding and Plastic Molding are made in a Same Factory.
    Glass fiber included PPS is available.



1. Specification Outline
  • Coil Input
AC100V - 200V, 50Hz - 60Hz
DC6V - 48V
  • Output
On customer's requirement
  • Duty Ratio
From low to high ratio
  • Punctuation
Meeting with JIS, PSE, UL and other safety standards.
  • Insulation in Water
Complying with JIS D0203 1-4 (Every Automobiole Vibration Test) and Special Water Proof Test
  • Others
High Output by Compact Assembly
High reliability by coil winding and plastic molding
in a same factory.
Designing and manufacturing on requested specification

2. Application & Actual Examples with Taiho made Molded Coils
  • Application
Automobile, DC Solenoide Coil for Construction related Automobile Solenoide Valves, Electromagnetic Coils for Motion Control
  • Actrual Example
ABS System, Steering Control Equipments, Air Conditioner and Others
Molded Coilds made by Taiho Products
  • Meeting with JIS D1601(Vibration) and having high water resistance.
  • Bobins specially designed by Taiho Products are used.
  • Minimized size by well controlled winding.
  • Designing and production of molded coils with customized specification.
  • Wide range heat resistance from Isolation Class B to class H.
  • PPS molded coil stands against water and heat up to 200 degree C is available.


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