Ingenia Motion Control and GROUP SIX ship first 9Kw Saturn Drives!

Developed for the hybrid electric vehicle and autonoumous vehicle market, the first SATURN drives were shipped on February 17, 2016 for production vehicles by GROUP SIX. saturn-avo-final-2016-2-11.png

Designed and optimized for battery operation and re-charge, these high power, low voltage drives are unique in the servo drives market.

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Electrical and power specifications


Power supply voltage

10 VDC to 48 VDC

10 VDC to 60 VDC

Transient peak voltage 60V 70 V

Maximum phase peak current

200 ARMS (1 s)

Maximum phase continuous current

180 ARMS

150 ARMS
Current sense range ± 278.7 A
Current sense resolution 544.4 mA/count
Power connectors M8 bus-bar bolt

Standby power consumption

1.5 W (max)


> 97% at the rated power and current

Motion control specifications

Supported motor types

  • Rotary or linear brushless (trapezoidal and sinusoidal commutation)
  • DC brush
  • Voice coil

Power stage PWM frequency

16 kHz (default)

10 kHz (Low frequency - low loss PWM, configurable)

Current sensing

On phases A, B and C using 3 terminal shunt resistors with isolation amplifier.

Accuracy is ± 1% full scale.

10 bit ADC resolution.

Motor sensors / feedback

  • Digital halls
  • Resolver (For transform ratio 1:0.23)
  • Quadrature Incremental encoder (single ended)
  • SSI absolute encoder

Supported target sources

  • Network communication – USB (µUSB connector)
  • Network communication – CANopen (CiA-301, CiA-303, CiA-305, CiA-306 and CiA-402 compliant)
  • Standalone (execution from Internal EEPROM memory)
  • Analog input (±10 V or 0 V to 5 V)
  • PWM command

Inputs/outputs and protections

Inputs and outputs
  • 2 x digital inputs. GDI1, GDI2 (5 V TTL logic, 30 V PLC tolerant)
  • 2 x (0..10 V) analog input (12 bits). AN_IN1, AN_IN2. (24 V tolerant)
  • 2 x Open open drain digital outputs with a weak pull-up to 5 V. (1 A short-circuit and over-current rugged)


  • User configurable:
  • Bus over-voltage
  • Bus under-voltage
  • Over temperature
  • Under temperature
  • Over current
  • Overload (I2t)
  • Hall sequence/combination error
  • ESD & EMI protections: ESD protections are available in all inputs, outputs and communications. All inputs, outputs, feedbacks include noise filters.
  • Inverse polarity supply protection (allows bidirectional current, i.e. battery charging)

Environmental and mechanical specifications

Ambient air temperature

  • -40 ºC to +100 ºC (operating with derating based on heatsink capacity)
  • -50 ºC to -40ºC and 100ºC to +125 ºC (non-operating)

Maximum humidity

5% - 85% (non-condensing)

Tropicalised versions on demand.


107 mm x 110 mm x 30.4 mm