Ingenia JUP-40/80-C, Jupiter ,  40A cont :RS485 / USB / CANopen, * Quantities Limited

Ingenia JUP-40/80-C, Jupiter , 40A cont :RS485 / USB / CANopen, * Quantities Limited

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Product Description

The Jupiter servo drive, is distributed servo drive solution with integrated motion controller and digital servo amplifier. 

It provides OEMs with the flexibility to utilize any motor technology up to 2,4 kW and without the need of any additional heat-sink on its whole operating temperature range. Its power range can be even extended with an optional base plate.

Jupiter targets applications using direct drive housed or frameless brushless torque motors, which might require high stall torque, high torque at low speed or optimum at high speed.

Jupiter can be interfaced in a flexible number of ways. It can be configured from a USB port or RS232 and networked on CANopen bus.

Link to Jupiter Documentation

Technical Data
Motors Rotary or linear brushless (trapezoidal and sinusoidal), DC brush, voice coil
Power supply 10-80 VDC
Current 40 A cont / 80 A peak
Communication USB 2.0, CANopen (DS-301, DS-303, DS-305, DS-306 and DS-402)
Feedback Incremental Encoder, Digital &  Analog Halls, Sin/Cos encoder 1Vpp,  Analog Input (Potentiometer), PWM sensor, DC-Tachometer, Absolute Encoder (SSI)
Command source Network, Analog, PWM, Step and Direction, Electronic Gearing
Operating Modes Open Loop, V/F, Profiled Torque, Profiled Velocity, Profiled Position, Interpolated Position, CSP, CSV, CST, and Homing
I/O 4 x Digital inputs TTL or PLC levels
1 x Analog +/-10 VDC differential input (12 bits)
1 x Analog 0..5 VDC input (12 bits)
2 x Digital outputs open drain with weak pullup at 5 VDC
1 x Digital output high current for Brake
Dimensions 100 mm x 100 mm x 25 mm
  • Built-in DC/DC converter for operation from a single 10-150 VDC power supply
  • 20 ARMS continuous current (up to 50 with base plate)
  • Rotary or linear brushless, DC brush, voice coil
  • CANopen and EtherCAT
  • Safe Torque Off
  • Just 100 x 100 mm
  • OEM customizable (firmware and hardware)

Supply voltage

10 VDC to 80 VDC



Maximum phase peak current

40 ARMS (2 s)


Maximum phase continuous current



Standby power consumption

1.5 W (max)



> 95% at the rated power and current.