Ingenia JUP-30/130-C, 10-130 VDC 30A cont / 60 A peak, RS485 / USB / CANopen, *Quantities Limited!

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  Transient peak voltage 145 VDC                           

145 V

  Logic supply voltage 

10 VDC to 90 VDC

(Two different supplies are needed for this version.

Note that the logic supply voltage < power supply voltage.

Do not connect them together at voltages > 95 V)

  Internal DC bus capacitance  450 µF


  Maximum phase peak current       60 ARMS (5 s)

Maximum phase continuous current

      30 ARMS
Current sense range       ± 110 A
Current sense resolution       213.85 mA/count
Cold plate       Yes
Power stage  

Same for both variants.

The 130 V variants are less efficient than the 80 V variants for a given motor current.

This explains the reduced current range of high voltage variants.

Power connectors         Screw terminal

Standby power consumption

1.5 W (max)


> 97% at the rated power and current