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Edgewise wound Coil with flat wire


  Down to 0.3mm thick flat wire can be wound edgewize.
Edgewise wound Coil An example of edgewise wound coil for Inductor (Reactor). The same coupled coil is pictured from three different directions.

Designing,  Winding Coil,  Assembling Core and Coil,  adding Filler in a Case are made in the same factory. Therefore, we cab assure the function and reliability of the total assembly as a turn key.

Either edgewise wound coil only or complete Inductor coil assembly, including designing and selection of core material is available depending on customer request.

A Design Example of Core and Coil
    Inductor Coil
The drawing is showing a core and coupled edgewise wound coil only. Assebling core and coil and adding filler in a case can be made at the same factory also.

   Edgewise Wound Coil on Core Asembly for Inductor
Edgewise wound Coil
Inductor Assemblies including core and frame like the above shown picures can be made based on customer requirements.

    Other Examples of Edgewise Wound Coils

   Down to 0.3mm thick flat wire can be wound edgewize.


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