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acslogo1.pngACS Motion Control delivers EtherCAT® network-based motion controller and drive solutions to OEM machine builders serving semiconductor, laser processing, flat panel display, 3D printing, electronic assembly, and life science applications. ACS solutions increase positioning accuracy and throughput and reduce machine design time by leveraging best-in-class software development tools and servo control algorithms.
The ACS Quality Mission Statement is to develop and support motion processes which are the building blocks to produce high quality motion control products, and to create a culture of excellence and continuous improvement to sustain the ACS competitive advantage.As a high-performance machine control systems’ provider, ACS Motion Control is committed to quality and reliability

Host Application Libraries

Bring Machines to Market Faster with Full-Featured API Libraries

For most OEM machine builders, software represents a majority of overall development effort and cost. The controller’s host application programming libraries have a direct impact on machine functionality and time-to-market. ACS offers a wide range of powerful host application libraries that work seamlessly with all controller models and the SPiiPlus Simulator.

Available Librariesapi-libraries1.jpg
  • C Library (Included in SPiiPlus ADK Suite)
  • COM Library (Included in SPiiPlus ADK Suite)
  • .NET Library (Included in SPiiPlus ADK Suite)
  • Low-Level Library for non-Windows PCs (Included in SPiiPlus ADK Suite)
  • Matlab Library (Available with Dongle License)
Key Features
  • Example projects for multiple environments: Visual Studio (C++, C#, VB), LabView
  • Rich pre-defined event generation (callbacks) options: motion complete, motion interrupted, program complete, more
  • Flexible user-defined event generation options
  • Comprehensive error handling codes and descriptions
  • Up to 10 simultaneous communication channels for mutli-application or multi-controller use cases.

For Software documentation, access the Engineering Library here: REVIEW HERE


Servo Control and Drive Technology


 Optimize Motion System Performance for Nano-meter Resolution Applications

The world of high-end Semiconductor, FPD, and Optics inspection and processing equipment demands nanometer level motion control positioning. Linear amplifiers, despite their low power efficiency, have traditionally been used instead of PWM amplifiers for such applications because of their achievable dynamic range and high degree of linearity. For the latest generation equipment employing larger and more powerful motion stages to meet increasing throughput demands, a better solution is required. ACS’ proprietary NanoPWM technology combines the advantages of linear and PWM amplifiers to provide nanometer level positioning to OEM machine builders using large format high-precision motion systems.

  • Achieve sub-nanometer level standstill jitter (+/- 0.3nm)
  • Achieve nanometer level following error at constant velocity (+/- 10 nm at 100 mm/sec)
  • Achieve industry leading current control dynamic range over 100 dB
  • Ideally suited for precision mechanical-bearing stages and air-bearing stages
  • Digital control technology for easy setup and high reliability


Controller Application Development

ACSPL+ Programming

Unleash Full Machine Potential with Flexible Real-Time Programming

For most OEM machine builders, software represents a majority of overall development effort and cost. The programming capabilities of the controller have a direct impact on machine functionality and time-to-market. ACS motion controllers run on ACSPL+, a real-time motion programming language whose unique level of flexibility enables machine developers to quickly realize rich functionality.

  • Real-time execution up to 5kHz
  • Multi-threading, multi-tasking execution of up to 64 simultaneous program buffers (threads)
  • Fully compiled with floating point, integer, and boolean operations
  • Rich multi-axis motion command set
  • High-level program flow commands: IF-ELSE, WHILE, LOOP, GOTO
  • Object-oriented structures: STRUCT
  • User defined functions, subroutines, autoroutines
  • Just-in-Time and Dynamic Buffer execution for host application generated programs

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EtherCAT® is a registered trademark and patented technology, licensed by Beckhoff Automation GmbH, Germany

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