146-01 delivers up to 12 kW continuous Marine & Subsea propulsion power.


i146-01 is a high performance closed loop servo drive , developed to meet requirements of
Marine & Subsea market.
It has been specially designed for BLDC servo motor control on thrusters and electric
propulsion systems onboard of UUVs, AUV’s, ROV’s or manned submersibles. It delivers up to
12 kW continuous power.
The driver is optimized to operate with a single battery supply for power and logic; it includes a
controlled capacitor pre-charge and allows regenerative braking.
It uses digital Hall sensors for both servo motor commutation and velocity feedback loop,
avoiding using external feedback devices. Hall sensor inputs are high noise tolerant, allowing
reliable operation even when feedback and power cables need to be wired closely in hermetic
subsea connectors.
i146-01 has been designed for long term operation, selecting the best electronic components
according to customer MTBF’s specifications.
The i146 DC Servo Drive incorporates all the power stage, control blocks, communications and I
/O boards in a single PCB. Each electronic section has been carefully designed for ruggedness
and performance in subsea operation conditions.
To minimize EMI and safety issues, the different sections (power, control, feedbacks and I/O)
are fully isolated.

  • Supply voltage 180 VDC to 300 VDC
  • Maximum phase continuous current
  • 120 ARMS (overload capacity: 120% for 5s)
  • Terminal block capacity: 130 ARMS
  • Precharge maximum time 10 s
  • Supported motor types Brushless trapezoidal
  • Feedbacks supported Digital Hall sensors
  • Communications Isolated RS-485 (in-house configuration)
  • Isolated CANopen (operation and synchronization)
  • Command sources CANopen network ( DS301 and DS402 motion profile )
  • Operating modes Profiled velocity
  • Protections User configurable over/under temperature
  • User configurable overcurrent and I2T
  • Isolation between power stage, control and I/O withdouble isolation barrier
  • Base plate temperature • -10 ºC to 70 ºC (operating with derating)
  • -10 ºC to 70 ºC (non-operating)
  • Maximum humidity 95% (non-condensing)
  • Dimensions 180 mm x 260 mm x 68 mm

The 146-01 Servo Drive has a 180 mm x 260 mm footprint and a maximum 68 mm height.
6 slots are provided for mounting on heat dissipation base using M6 screws.