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GROUP SIX appointed by Varedan Technologies

28th Aug 2013

December 2012

Varedan Technologies has been designing and manufacturing high-performance Linear Servo Amplifiers, PWM Servo Amplifiers, and Motion Controllers for OEM applications.

We specialize in custom and standard solutions for OEM's needing optimized or customized controls.

GROUP SIX has been appointed as the Varedan Sales Channel Partner for the Northeastern USA.

Varedan feels the technical expertise and Motion Control experience of GROUP SIX will help us interface with Customer across project management and product developments. This coupled with the success of GROUP SIX in World Class Customer Service will help bring the Varedan solutions to market in a very successful way. We have been impressed with the way GROUP SIX interfaces with Customer Engineering Teams in all facets of planning, design, development and product management. This is key to our growth and success.

Varedan Technologies
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