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EVEREST- OEM,  BETA Release, to 30 A Ic, to 60A Ip, 10-100 VDC

EVEREST- OEM, BETA Release, to 30 A Ic, to 60A Ip, 10-100 VDC

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Everest is an ultra-compact, super smart, high-powered servo drive. Thanks to its small size and rugged design it can be mounted virtually anywhere: collaborative robot joints, wearable robots, unmanned ground or aerial vehicles as well as inside motors. Everest, however, is not only a servo drive. We have embedded a full blown MCU to implement your own advanced algorithms whether you are working on image stabilization or walking robots. Everest also features the most advanced transistor technology in the world with the highest power density and efficiency while keeping negligible EMI and providing linear amplifier performance.



Wide feedback and motor support
Easy to integrate due to small size
Ready for harsh environments
Advanced motion networking
Dedicated MCU for user algorithms
Ready to use development kit






Design your own version!! Custom variants now being developed for OEM's ! Call for more information !


Continuous Current  to 30 ARMS
Peak Current  to 60 ARMS
Supply Voltage  8-100 VDC
Dimensions  26 x 35 x 14 mm
Communications  USB, RS232, RS485, CANopen, EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP, Profibus, Profinet, Modbus RTU
Feedback  Digital Encoder, SinCos Encoder, Digital Hall, Analog Hall, Resolver, BiSS, SSI, Sensorless, DC Tachometer, Analog Input, PWM Encoder, EnDAT
Motor Type  DC Brushed, Rotary Brushless, Linear Brushless, Voice Coil
Command Source  Network Interface, Standalone, Analog Input, Step and Direction, Encoder Following, Electronic Gearing, PWM
Motion Mode  Profile Position, Profile Speed, Profile Torque, Cyclic Sync Position, Cyclic Sync Velocity, Cyclic Sync Torque, Homing, Open Loop Vector, Open Loop Scalar
Enviroment  Industrial, Options for Pressure Tolerant, Vacuum, High Temperature, Low Temperature
Digital Inputs   8 PLC & TTL
Digital Outputs   8 PLC & TTL
Size (W x L)  26 x 14 mm
Applications   Built in open source application processor for customer algorithms and functions


Compatible with any motor!